Come and Join Us!

As a church we gather every Sunday at 10am for worship.  We do this on an alternating scheduel each week gathering all together to celebrate the Eucharist one week, and in Home Gatherings the following week.  We would love to have you join us for a Eucharist Service one week and then in one of our Home Gatherings the alternating week.  

For details about where our Home Gatherings meet and how you can join in just send us an email at

Home Gatherings

Home Gatherings at Via Langley are an integral part of our life together in Christ.  As a church in love with Jesus and excited to share the gospel, we have committed to living our lives together around tables.  Every two weeks we gather as whole church around the Lord’s table to celebrate the Eucharist, and on the alternating week at our Home Gatherings we come together in smaller groups around the tables in our homes.  This bi-weekly rhythm is intentionally designed to facilitate a formation of our lives as disciples and our life together as a church as we share in a spirit filled life of word and sacrament.  

Key to our life together is what we call Table Fellowship.  Throughout the gospels, and the life of the early church, we see the table taking prominent place in the community of believers. (Acts 2.42, Luke 5.27-32, Luke 7.36-50, Luke 22.14-23) The sacrament of the eucharist was instituted at a table when Jesus blessed bread and wine, and that same table is set every time the church gathers, and is united with Christ, in the celebration of that sacrament.  Having experienced together table fellowship with God at the Lord’s table it is our prayer that the tables in our homes would become places of kingdom hospitality and divine encounter.  Home gatherings, alongside the regular celebration of the Eucharist, are an opportunity to live life together around the table God has set for us. 

New To Via Church Langley?

Here's what you can expect at a Home Gathering:

Home Gatherings consist of a time of singing, prayer, and study together using a liturgy designed to help us join together in worship.  Following the Home Liturgy we gather around a community meal to share life.  As you can see these times together are more than a typical hang out or ‘get together’.  They are an intentional space in which we set the table, invite people to rest, and together feast on the gospel of Jesus. (John 6.1-14)

When you arrive you'll be greeted and encouraged to make yourself at home.  Grab a coffee, meet some people, and feel free to ask any questions you have prior to things getting started.  Once everyones had a chance to settle in we spend time in sung worship, prayer together, and some interactive time in the Bible together.  During this time we'll use a liturgy that you're welcome to familiarize yourself with using the link below. 

After worship there's time to connect, pray together, visit, and prepare for a community meal.  Once the food is ready and the table set, you're invited to pull up a chair and enjoy some good company.

VIA Kids

We want to welcome everyone into our Home Gatherings in a fruitful way.  Children are welcome to be a part of the Home Liturgy as much as possible.  In addition, our VIA Kids team provides kids activities that are in alignment with what is being talked about each Sunday in the whole group.  Our prayer is that these home gatherings are incredibly meaniful for our kids! 

Home Liturgy