Free Indeed!

Living Free is time set apart to create space for connect with God in the areas of life where we most need him.  This year our theme is 'Free Indeed' and we will be exploring together God's heart for healing.  

In John 8 Jesus is talking with a group of 'Jews who had believed him' explaining that if they abide in him they will know freedom.  In response they ask an important question: "We are offspring of Abraham and have never been enslaved to anyone.  How is it that you say, 'You will become free'?"  Jesus resonds by helping helping the group see how sin and its effects have very much left them slaves.  He also shows his heart to see slaves set free as sons!

"So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." John 8.36

Everyone has a story. Our thought patterns and beliefs about who we are, who God is, how we relate to others and even what we can expect from life are all impacted by what our story has written on our hearts. The good news is that hearts matter to Jesus. He comes to us with a desire to heal our hearts: to hear our story, to speak to our wounded places, to bring His truth to the places where  we have believed what is false because of our pain. He has something to say to those places and we can hear and engage with Him in this process.

This one day conference will lead you through a process of talking to God about what your story has written on your heart (the beliefs you now hold) and then allowing Jesus to speak His truth to false beliefs and wounded expectations. You will be invited to acknowledge how these beliefs have impacted your relationships.

When the Spirit has revealed our false beliefs and given us truth, we can begin to walk with one another from a place of trust and freedom. We can be our true selves because He has healed and blessed who we are. This is the foundation for healthy relationships.

Cost $25/person 

This year due to Covid restrictions we are unable to provide child care.  Your kids are welcome to join us at no cost through the day and evening provided they're able to stay with you.  Given the nature of the day may want to try and find childcare so you can be fully present.  May be a good time to call in that favour!

Lawrence and Wanda Kopp

Wanda and Lawrence have been on a healing journey (walking, talking, learning, teaching) for over 10 years. They will tell you that the best thing you can do for any relationship (spouse, chid, friend, business partner) is to pay attention to your own heart healing. Wanda likes to remind people that healing makes you more attractive and easier to live with! A few years the Kopps packed their belongings into the longest U-Haul they could rent, said goodbye to the prairies of Southern Alberta and landed on Vancouver Island where they are pastoring Via Church Comox Valley.

Together, Wanda and Lawrence enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, walking along the ocean and discovering good food. Wanda also sits with people in healing prayer sessions and is beginning to write a book about heart-healing. The Kopps have two married daughters and two brilliant grandchildren.

Chad Block

Chad lives in Langley, BC where he has the deep honour of serving VIA Chruch Langley as their devoted priest.  Together with his beautiful wife Janna he is passionate about leading people into deeper places of healing and intimacy with the God who created them.  Having been beautifully restored by Jesus, Chad has given his life to the singing of his redemption song in spirit, truth, and sacrament.  He is in love with Jesus and with Jesus' beloved church, believing that through her Jesus is reconciling the world to Himself.  Chad is currently enrolled at Regent College in pursuit of a Masters degree in theology, and is also working on a certificate in mediation and conflict management at JIBC.  In his spare time Chad can often be found exploring the beauty of BC, making music, or enjoying the incredible gift of God that is his friends.

Melinda Appenheimer

Melinda began leading worship in her teen years, with an old three-quarter size fender acoustic (that was often out of tune) and a lot of passion. Melinda has found worship to be a place of intimacy and encounter with God in all seasons. In the midst of a heavy loneliness during this global pandemic, worship became a place of comfort and solace; a lifeline; a consolation in desolation. This experience  has deepened her confidence in the nearness of God, regardless of her own mental, emotional, or spiritual state. One of the songs that Melinda allowed to carry her through this recent season contains these lyrics: Hold my face if I should wander / if my thoughts are far from home / If my faith is going under / remind me I am known. Truly our Father is one who seeks and finds all who are lost, wandering, and hurting, holds them close, and brings them home to love.

As we gather together to seek the grace of God in the restoration of our brokenness, Melinda's desire is to create space for this same kind of encounter. She believes that God is near to us in both chaos and calm, seeing and knowing us as his Beloved. Her prayer is that our times of worship together will allow for a gentle opening of our hearts, an uncurling of our fists, and a deeper fullness in each breath as we enter into the rest of being cared for.


900  Registration & Coffee/Connect

930  Opening Worship

1000 Session I

1115 Session II

1200 Break For Lunch (Due to Covid 19 you'll be on your own for lunch)

1330 Welcome Back!

1400 Session III

1515 Session IV

1630 Break For Dinner

1900 Evening of Worship and Ministry 

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