Join Us This Sunday!

In this next season we are prayerfully discerning and strategically preparing to launch as a church.  Each week we will gather on Sunday for a time of worship, teaching, prayer, and preparation. 

If you'd like to join us in person we'd ask that you register for the service using the link below.  We are seeking to ensure a managable number of people at any given time in light of the current Covid-19 situation.

If you'd like to join us online please email us for the link -

REGISTER HERE Request Zoom Link


Covid Plan

We are currentlhy gathering in person and on zoom simultaneously.  We invite you to join us in person at Mike and Sara’s or from home as families or small groups using zoom

When gathering in person we will be following these recommended measures in order to keep our community safe and healthy: 

  1. Safe Social Distancing - 2m
    • We will setup so that those gathering are 2m apart
    • Families will need to sit together, and children remain with their parents.  We aren’t able to gather the kids for a separate program at this time.
  2. Please wear a mask
  3. We will be making hand sanitizer available
  4. For the time being we won’t be making coffee or treats available
  5. If you are sick, please stay at home and join us on zoom 

Serving the Eucharist

At The Gathering: When we celebrate the Eucharist together those gathered at Mike and Sara’s will be served during the service.  Those being served will remain where they are and Father Chad will come to them to serve bread dipped in wine. 

Drive Up Eucharist: Following our service those who have joined us online are invited to come receive the Eucharist out front of Mike and Sara's home.

Here's how it will work:

Father Chad will be standing outside of Mike and Sara's and there will be a taped line on the sidewalk to ensure that most of our time together will be kept at a safe distance (2m).  After praying the Lord's Prayer, Father Chad will approach and place a piece of bread that has been intincted into the wine in your hand.  He will then immediately step back and would love to pray a blessing over you and your family during this time.  Any clergy who feels even slightly sick, will not be involved in this process.  Additionally,  between each family, hands will be sanitized.  We also ask that you not leave your vehicle until you see that there is no one at the house to receive the sacrament or a blessing.  We hope that this would be a missional sign and opportunity in our city affording us the privilege to connect with and even also pray for anyone walking by!  

A Quick Refresh:

1. One family at a time come to the house

2. Stop at the tapped line

3. Say the Lord’s Prayer with the clergy

4. Receive the bread

5. Receive prayer

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