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Alpha and Omega

When people are introduced to a newborn baby, the response is always the same. There is delight and wonder at how teeny they are, how soft and sweet they are, and a marveling at their wee, perfect fingers and toes. This wonderful wee-ness and newness is what Mary and Joseph would have beheld. The One that was going to make all things new—Himself, wrapped in newness.

Our lectionary reading for Dec 8th was Revelation 1, where Jesus appears to John in His full glory, not as One just made new, but as One who is ready to bring everything to fullness and completion. He is both, the Alpha and Omega, the One that is as irresistible and approachable as a newborn, and the One who we fall before overcome by the majesty of His glory. The One who starts things in the perfect way, in perfect timing, and the One who finishes what He’s begun in the Kingdom and in our lives. Selah.