With Covid restrictions being increased so close to Christmas (after weeks of thinking we’d be able to gather and celebrate more freely), it has felt very easy to be discouraged. And into all of this comes the store of Emmanuel, God with us. Jesus is so near and intimately acquainted with our grief and sorrow, and the deep needs and longings of our hearts.
The lyrics of this song have been standing out to me in light of that. It truly is my prayer that each of us would have a merry, however little, Christmas; that our troubles would feel miles away as we look to the light of Christ; that the stars that decorate our homes and the sky would remind us that Christ has come. God is with us!
This season of life in the world will pass. May we find that the quiet places of our hearts were the very places where we saw and celebrated with Christ, in and through the height, depth, and breadth of this experience.