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Christmas Day III
Imagine you were there

I stand before the baby. Above him I stand. Standing well is what I know. If I don’t stand I collapse. Standing is good. 

The presence of this baby makes me uneasy. I feel his eyes. Recalling all my truths, I straighten up tall. 

He cries. The mom asks for my help. I avoid cuz this is awkward. My focus darts away into shadow. 

In sudden absence of overthought, I reach down and lift him up. I feel proud. I hold him well. 

His dark eyes speak to mine, “I’m with you.”

My stance buckles and I collapse to my shins. 

My body slumped over, he remains secure. My weeping hidden, but not from him. 

God lays content in my arms. His spirit prompting mine, “Rest. I’m here." 

What?!I don’t understand. 

Rest now.