We are committed to encountering Jesus through the gift of the church.  We believe the church was Jesus' idea, and that He desires to see her full of life... much like a river.  We desire to be a church that sees the 'three streams' of the Sacrament (historical), the Scripture (evangelical), and the Spirit (charismatic) flowing as one river.

Treasures in Each Stream

We often treat people that are a part of different streams as ‘strangers and aliens’ to us, but we as a church are committed to celebrating our differences by placing our attention of the treasures found in each stream rather than on the differences that have for too long caused division. Together we are all a part of Christ’s glorious Church. Although we know that Via Vancouver can’t and won’t be the suitable home for every believer, we do want it to be a place where, no matter what your background, you feel at home with us.